Most of the technologies described here use Shotcut-MLT's WebVfx javascript framework. This is based on QtWebkit, a technology that has not been supported in Qt for some years. In the near future an upgrade of Shotcut-MLT to use a more up-to-date (supported) version of Qt will probably mean that WebVfx will have to be discontinued, at which point these technologies will no longer work.
At present they supported up to and including Shotcut release 20.4.

Shotcut Credits Overlay HTML Generator

This generator creates an Overlay HTML filter that can be used in the Shotcut video editor to create the credits that appear at the end of a movie/video. Some features that are not implemented yet will introduced in version 2.

A video tutorial, edited using Shotcut and explaining how to create and use this Credits Overlay HTML Filter Generator can be seen here. I strongly advise viewing it before first using this online facility. An sample video that has had such a vilter applied can be seen here.

Necessary Files

Shotcut Credits Overlay HTML filters need version 1.11 or above of Elusien's "WebVfx.js" javascript file to run. This can be downloaded here: WebVfx webpage.

Google Fonts are a fantanstic resource that spruce up even a simple webpage (or set of video credits). A useful reference for these can be found here. This generator assumes that certain Google fonts are loaded on your computer. These are contained in this ZIP file. As a bonus, once installed, you can then use these fonts in other applications, such as "office packages" (word processor, spreadsheets etc.). To install these fonts on your system, download the zip file and extract the contents, then on:



IOS (Mac)

Credits Overlay HTML Generator
Generate Scrolling (or Static) Video Credits
  1. Open your Credits Overlay HTML Filter ('e.g. birthday_credits.html') in a text editor (such as Notepad++) or Atom)
  2. Press cntrl-a (or command-a on Apple computers) to select all the text.
  3. Press cntrl-c (or command-c on Apple computers) to copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Return to this window and paste this content into the box below, then click on the button at the bottom (You may have to click it twice).
Raw Data for the Credits
Configuration Parameters
Duration  secs
Framerate  fps
Type choose
em-size  vw
neon-blur  em
Cast(s) choose


font-weight choose
font-style choose
font-size  em
text-flow    %
Start End

Formatted Credits


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